Christchurch Earthquake Counselling, Trauma Debriefing Counselling

The major earthquakes, continuing aftershocks, damage to homes and disruption to normal life are hindering the ability of Canterbury to be the productive region we know it can be.

3 major earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks have lowered our resilience and emotional recovery. Our sense of safety and facing uncertainty, related to our basic needs of housing and services, will take a longer time.

We live with the constant reminders of the destruction of our city and many lives lost.   Grieving for this makes it difficult to move forward and feeling positive towards the future.

We are pleased to be able to offer counselling to you free.

We have government funding to offer you, 4-6 free counselling sessions to help alleviate the troubling symptoms you may have.

As time passes some of these symptoms might have eased.   However the effects of feeling uncertain about your future due to living in a white, orange or red zone does continue.

The uncertainty regarding insurance cover and the possibilities of financial and emotional burden to do with re-location is adding to the daily pressures of life.

Relationships with partners, family and children might be strained due to this.

If you are troubled by any of these symptoms or any of those listed below ... or you have other symptoms that are not listed, but are as a result of the earthquakes, contact us through this website or at The Durham Centre 03 365 7776.

  • Repeated disturbing memories, thoughts or images from the earthquakes
  • Trouble sleeping because of the earthquakes
  • Recurring disturbing dreams related to the earthquakes
  • Feeling upset a lot of the time since the earthquakes
  • Feeling hopeless, despairing since the earthquakes
  • Feeling irritable or having angry outbursts since the earthquakes
  • Feeling emotionally numb or unable to have loving feelings for those close to you since the earthquakes
  • Feeling jumpy or easily startled since the earthquakes
  • Loss of motivation since the earthquakes
  • Using alcohol/drugs to manage feelings about earthquakes
  • Trouble taking care of children/family since the earthquakes
  • Feeling distant/cut off or alone from other people
  • Health has got worse following earthquakes
  • Trouble working following the earthquakes
  • Relationship difficulties due to the earthquakes
  • Feeling unable to cope since the earthquakes
  • Feeling overwhelmed following the earthquakes
  • Any other symptom not listed, following the earthquakes

Australian psychologist Rob Gordon (invited by CERA - Community Resilience Team) spoke recently in Christchurch and on TV1 about the on-going affects of living with disaster (based on his experience of working in Australia after floods and bushfires).

We provide a safe and confidential environment where you can address the worries and stresses you have been facing.   Counselling can help you to gain control over the anxiety, irritability/anger and continuing grief that you might be experiencing.

All practitioners at The Durham Centre have a depth of experience in Trauma work and offer sessions to anyone who relates to these symptoms.

Please contact us on 03-3657776 or email us

Funding for earthquake issues is continuing until September 2014