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Sharon Wilson

Sharon has rooms close to the former Durham Centre * Phone 022 1860 595 * onebybeach@xtra.co.nz


Areas of Interest

  • Personal growth
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma … Recovery P.T.S.D.
  • Recovery from sexual abuse
  • Couples therapy
  • Short-term goal setting
  • Mediation
  • Conflict Resolution
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1987 Began three year Psychotherapy training course at Presbyterian Support Services, Campbell Centre.
1990 Was accepted into and completed three year Diploma course run by Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy.
1996 Accepted as a full member of New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists.


"People sometimes say it must be depressing work, but it’s actually incredibly moving and encouraging. It means we’re not stuck with some of that stuff we’ve grown up with from those early years, that you actually can repair the damage. It’s quite miraculous really"

I set up in private practice in 1990 seeing a small number of clients.
I approach my work with the understanding that sometimes troublesome behaviours or symptoms are often compensatory manoeuvres made in an attempt to deal with developmental deficits which occurred over the formative years. If the environment around the child doesn’t feel safe and secure, including attachments with primary caregivers, many adaptive shifts in self are required to feel a secure. This in itself can make life difficult, a bit like “a boat without a rudder”. “How can I make important decisions about my life when I don’t know myself”. Sometimes there is a feeling of emptiness.
Therapy can often help resolve these issues and a more authentic self begins to emerge.

I currently work three days a week seeing approximately 12 - 15 clients.


About meI came into this field of work via my own experience of being in therapy. I had suffered bouts of anxiety and depression and felt I needed to find something that could help. It did!! And, I went on to begin training. This means I have the experience of being in both chairs … so to speak. I am told I have “natural” style as a therapist, empathetic with a lively sense of humour. I know I am passionate about and sustained by the beauty of the natural world around me and love being by the ocean and mountains. To relax I love laughing with friends and family and creating mosaics.