Intimacy and Sexual Issues


There is a tremendous variance among people's sexual behaviours. Determining, what is normal or healthy is further complicated by several types of variables that also impact upon people’s sexuality (i.e., gender, age, health).

Thus, from person-to-person what constitutes healthy sexuality may be very different. Sexuality, specifically sexual function, is impacted upon by many things.

Sexual Problems

Considering sexual health from a holistic perspective both mental and physical health factors significantly impact upon an ability to enjoy healthy sexual functioning. As well mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression can greatly determine one's ability for healthy sexual functioning.

For example, reduced interest in sex is commonly reported by individuals who are depressed. Physical conditions can also heavily impact on sexual function. Therefore what might be considered abnormal for one physically healthy individual, might very well be considered normal (or average) for someone who has a condition that affects the circulatory system (i.e., diabetes, heart-related conditions, high blood pressure, obesity, etc.)

Lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol consumption can also impact upon sexual function.

It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list of the things that can impact sexuality: there are also many categorical variables that influence how we define what is normal and healthy.

Sexual orientation

Who I am emotionally and sexually attracted to?

Sexual identity/Role

Sexual identity or roles may be gay, straight, bisexual or described by a variety of other names that people identify with.


Is how I experience myself, as male or female.


Is when I experience myself as male or female but I was born with the physical attributes of the other gender. Being transgender isn’t a lifestyle, and it isn’t a choice

All human beings have the right to define and express their own gender identity.

We are not ashamed of who we are, those issues are created by how we are treated, human rights commission ‘To be who I am’.


Intimacy and Sexual issues